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2 months ago

A Class Catamaran News on RatherBe

Very good curation of A-Class news here.

A collection of interesting A Class Catamaran content to share with friends

2 months ago

Photos from United States A-Class Sailing Association (USACA)'s post

We miss Les Burnett, December 11, 1954 to April 7, 2017.

Husband, Father, Craftsman, Friend. Lifetime sailor and boat builder with over a dozen boats to his credit.

2 months ago


Hauling A upwind

2 months ago

Nacra 15 USA

Jay showing how it is done.

2 months ago

Admirals Cup 2017


Admiral's Cup video with a few shots of The Admiral from windier days. Thanks Dalton Tebo for all the shots and the edits!! Thanks ... See more

Sarasota Sailing Squadron A-Cat Song: Axel Thesleff - Bad Karma

2 months ago

Ruggero Tita - Trentino Sailing

Gorgeous sailing work with Z boards. Nice job Pete Melvin!

Have you ever seen a foiling hoist? ⛵️?

2 months ago

SoftBank Team Japan: The Art of Foils


Very good explanation of high performance catamaran sailing that A-Class sailors will relate to: 4 knots, slow racing, 5 to 6 knots, getting interesting ... See more

What secrets lie underwater on an America's Cup​ Class race yacht? Take a look as we dive into the art of foils...

2 months ago

Photos from United States A-Class Sailing Association (USACA)'s post

Great to see US Sailing help get youth on the A-Cat in Miami!

2 months ago

2017 A-Cat Admirals Cup : Sarasota Sailing Squadron

Results from first day at the Admiral's Cup. Late start at 2 PM due to light wind.


2017 A-Cat Admirals Cup - hosted by the Sarasota Sailing Squadron. Registration is now open and available online via Regatta Network. Click the link below to begin your registration:

2 months ago

The man behind that record - Paul Larsen

Fastest sailor in the world. One of the nicest guys you'll meet. Passionate about sailing and speed. Glad to have him in the A-Class.

A couple of years ago, the British ‘A’ Class Catamaran Association had a new membership application from a Weymouth based sailor. This man was known to be a competent sailor and has, in the ... See more

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