2020 AD3 Classic, 2021 North American Champion Boat - $21,500

Exploder Classic right at minimum weight. Includes 2020 Fiberfoam  6.5M Mast, Mahoney 10-1 tapered mainsheet, curved boom, factory adjustable dagger board system, Hall sealed carbon tramp, Dolley, stern chocks, Coconut Grove yard cover, Krantz synthetic rigging with Ronstan turnbuckles, Velocitek GPS with Mahoney bracket.

Boat is pristine, perfectly tuned and ready to win more. 

bobwebbon@aol.com, 713-201-7106


2021 New eXploder Classic   $29,500    ecerf@gosailinggp.com

Complete boat with Fiberfoam tapered mast, Boom, Rigging, Mainsheet, European wheels, all brand new

2008 EVO-1 w/Trailer - Complete Ready to Go! $11,500

2008 EVO-1 HT w/Trailer - complete package for sale! This is the 2019 Classic NA Champion boat!! It is ready to hit the water and win races! 2008 platform w/trailering and yard covers. Platform upgraded by Don Brennan. 2014 Fiberfoam F14 Medium Flexi mast w/cover – never broken! Exploder Curved Boom. Gooseneck at bottom of mast. Curved Daggers. Fixed at 2.0 degrees forward rake. Exploder Rudders with t-foils. Exploder alum stocks. Includes one Decksweeper sail. One other decksweeper sail available at $800.00. All sails have battens and sail certs. SS standing rigging. Upwind and Downwind rotation controls. New synthetic traps. Adjustable system. Rear sheeting, 10:1. Trailex Trailer with alum storage box, 2” ball. 4.80x12” tires. Spare tire. Lots of extra parts. Platform and mast certs. Beach wheels and stern chocks. Alum tiller extension. Price: $11,500.00. Pickup in Crestview, Florida. CONTACT: Bob Curry @ (850) 830-0654 or sailbobcat@gmail.com.





2019 AD3 Platform consisting of boat, rear chocks, beach wheels, and Coconut Grove Canvas and Sails yard cover. Boat setup with Z-27 daggerboards and includes a set of Z-22 daggerboards as backup spares. Rudders set up with Bruce Mahoney rake system that allows rudder rake and rudder differential adjustment underway (bullet proof system). Included are spare rake arms. Modifications to the boat also include support channels glued on hull underneath the solid trampoline to prevent trampoline chafe.

This boat has an excellent race record that includes:

2nd 2019 Key Largo Midwinters

2nd 2019 St. Pete NOOD

3rd 2019 Admiral's Cup

5th Foiler and Overall 2019 North Americans

2nd 2020 St. Pete NOOD

2nd 2021 St. Pete NOOD

Boat is in excellent condition and I will deliver within 500 miles of New Orleans.


2017 AD3 - Complete - $21,000

2017 Exploder AD3 w/ z27 foil package

Upgraded D3 exploder with z27 foil package and adjustable rudders w/ differential.

Foils, rudders and cassettes new in summer 2020.
All control lines are spliced continuous and ran aft.
New custom tramp installed spring 2020
Glaser Sail

Complete, turn key with trailer $21k

Please message for any questions or additional pictures.



2009 EVO HT Classic $8000 (Canadian) 

Hall med. spar, curved boom, deck sweeper sail, curved boards. C/W trailer beach wheels ,mast and travel covers. Extra battens ,booms and sails. Price in Cdn. $

Link to Facebook ad

NEW DNA F1 C boards - $2000

Turn your DNA F1 into a Classic, painted white and only used a handful of times.  Includes covers.  Pics upon request wjvining@yahoo.com  

DNA Curved boom black carbon - $700 wjvining@yahoo.com

Exploder C board Trunks - $200  wjvining@yahoo.com

Mischa Classic Decksweeper Main - $1000 - like new, with battens, sailbag and measurement cert.   Used twice.   Replacement cost is $2200.  wjvining@yahoo.com

AD3 Yard cover - Brewin - new $800 - wjvining@yahoo.com

Hall C boards - $1000 - new, painted, faired. 



2020 AD3 For Sale - $29500


2020 AD3 complete package ready to sail. Brand new painted rudders, faired dagger boards, 10 day old Glaser sail, on deck traveler, $38,000 already into the boat. Available end of October



2017 Glaser sail, deck sweeper, smaller head, only 35 uses. Great shape, never seen big wind.
2019 North sail, Ashby. only 25 uses. Again, never used in heavy air.
Spare mast, medium, repaired, 2 hound positions.
Pair of straight Flyer dagger boards, no cracks or chips, in padded covers.
Straight tapered booms, rigged with all hardware.
I have other treasure, I carry spare everything to events, and probably have what you need.

619 410 4940 ian.storer@gmail.com

Boats - captpetermurray@gmail.com

2009 Evo with Fiberform mast, Glaser decksweeper, Smyth non decksweeper, beach wheels and trailer. Includes straight boom and a curved boom. $9800
2014 Exploder convertible - foiling or non foiling. Includes Hall spar, Glaser main, straight boom and Z22 foils. $8000
Photos coming soon - Will deliver for one euro per mile from 34946. 772 634 4011

 Wanted - Wanted straight board for Bimari FJ, one or a pair.  5 - 7/8 inch deep straight board for Bimari FJ  

SailTech Classic Decksweeper Main - $750 - mikekrantz@mindspring.com

550mm head, with battens and sail bag. Used on 4 times - Caterwaul, Noods, Admiral's Cup, and a local Lanier regatta