24' Aluminum Continental Trailer for sale - $5200


Set up for catamarans in multiple configurations. Assembled boats on bottom rack, assembled or de-beamed on top rack. Can transport 4 boats easily and has a removable bunk for A-Class catamarans.

2 massive metal storage boxes
Front storage box
Spare tire
Tires replaced, bearings repacked, everything serviced last spring.

Stored indoors and barely used for first 4 years of ownership. Always well cared for and maintained.



2017 Exploder AD3 

Complete package, ready to race/sail!  Includes: Platform, tapered Fiberfoam 6.5 mast wrapped in white vinyl with 27:1 internal cunningham, z27 boards, new 2020 rudders with 2020 winglets, 6.5 degrees of rudder adjustment w/differential, Brewin aero tramp, new rigging, North DS2 sail, beach wheels, Kinder cover, professionally rigged, straight track traveler that works amazingly. Brand new Snow white paint and non-skid.Trailer also available, see add below. Complete boat with mast - $20K, 
Platform only with North DS2 sail - $16K 





2017 Exploder AD3 w/ z27 foil package

Upgraded D3 exploder with z27 foil package and adjustable rudders w/ differential.

Foils, rudders and cassettes new in summer 2020.
All control lines are spliced continuous and ran aft.
Hydroturf decking and tramp new in summer 2020.

Complete, turn key with mast and sail $21k
Platform only $16k.

Please message for any questions or additional pictures.      keenan.matthew87@gmail.com


Aluminum double stack trailer $5200

Aluminum I beam construction, 2 large aluminum diamondplate boxes, and one truck box on the front.  Double mast carrier. 




Velocitek Prostart $400

Slightly used - with custom carbon swivel mount.  m.christensen@gmail.com


F1 DNA - Foiler (C-boards are available to sail it as a Classic) $18,000 - Located in St. Petersburg

This foiling F1 DNA is in pristine condition with hardly a scratch or dent on it. Includes:
Fiberfoam Medium Flexy - with cover
Exploder curved boom
2019 Mischa sail with less than 10 outings (Magic Marine bag)
Foils & rudders have been faired, painted white with Alexseal and in perfect condition (really nice) - with covers
Rudders have a belt drive AOA adjustment system but can be converted back to original specs in 30 minutes.
Beach dolly, Yard cover and a Tramp cover for trailering (or as a fast tramp cover at the beach)

Per Mischa Heemskerk the new, legal C - boards are now available for this F1 and in stock. One has the option to sail this boat as a Foiler or a Classic (C - boards not included)



Velocitek Prostart V2  $750

Like new Velocitek Prostart v2. This is the latest version with built-in rechargeable battery. Has less than 20hrs of use. Includes all factory accessories. Optional swivel beam bracket also available.  samc99us@gmail.com

Short Rig - $2750


This is a 2019 short rig. Mast was originally a stiff section, cut down 30” and rigged to Fiberfoams short rig specifications. Mast was painted Awlgrip Snow White after modifications were complete and is in like-new condition with a new base plate/rotator, spreaders and diamond wires.

Also included is a custom RacerX boomless DS sail used 5 times and a complete set of standing rigging for the mast.

This is the perfect rig for a foiler weighing under 170lbs or a classic sailor weighing under 160lbs!





North DS2 Sail - $1500

North Glenn Ashby Deck Sweeper 2 Sail with top 4 heavy battens, bought in January 2020, like new, used only at NOODs Regatta, stored on rack in garage



2018 AD3 - $21,000

Completely updated platform with foil & rudder differential systems
All custom rigged systems with Marlow/ Maffioli ropes & Harken Hardware - (No expense spared when rigging)
all control systems led to the rail - Cunningham led to trapeze
Extended gas spring for 6.5deg total rudder range
shortened lowered straight Traveler - improved sheeting angles when foiling
custom Glaser double skin Aero tramp
Z27 foils 2018 stiff rudders with 2020 Elevators
Foils/rudders professionally refinished & aligned
2018 FiberFoam 6.50 Tapered
New Diamonds / Standing Rigging
New Boom
North DS 2
Mischa DS
Beach wheels with dolly arm
stern pads



2009 EVO HT Classic $8000 (Canadian) 

Hall med. spar, curved boom, deck sweeper sail, curved boards. C/W trailer beach wheels ,mast and travel covers. Extra battens ,booms and sails. Price in Cdn. $

Link to Facebook ad

DK-17 Project $5k

DK17 platform, Hall C boards, Exploder C board trunks, Fiberfoam mast, Hall rudders with winglets, bighead sail.   Boat is currently in primer, and needs paint.  Trunks need to be installed, and rudders need to be bolted onto the transom.   Sold as a project boat, or as a complete boat, price dependant on how much of this project you are willing to take on.     wjvining@yahoo.com