2019 eXploder AD3 COMPLETE with excellent condition SailTechnologies main $17,500

Mherendeen32 AT gmail.com


2019 AD3 Platform consisting of Boat, Fiber Form Tapered Mast, rear stern chocks, dagger & rudder covers, beach wheels with extended handle grip. Boat setup with Z-22 daggerboards. On-the-Fly Rudder adjustment set up with Michael Christiansen rake system that allows rudder rake adjustment underway; simple, easy to use, very sturdy.
Modifications to the boat include support channels 90 degree reinforcement brackets G-Flexed on hull underneath the solid trampoline to prevent trampoline chafe and hard point loading. All control lines run to rear of platform trampoline with new thicker bungee cord for good recoil on deck.
Boat is in excellent condition, very well maintained; solid tramp is always covered when not in use. New forestays by Mike Krantz.
I will deliver & setup within 12 hours or 800 of Melbourne, from Florida’s Space Coast.

Call Mark Herendeen 321-863-4426 or mherendeen32 AT gmail.com

Solid and fast, ready to race complete 06 MARSTROM for sale - $8500

2022 Hall solid carbon tramp, curbed boards, all new blocks & lines, Kinder 2021 full boat cover, rudders & dagger covers, beach wheels, shocks, carbon boom with internal tapered mainsheet, Boat is in excellent condition, very well maintained; Solid carbon tramp is always covered when not in use. $8500

Option to add Deck Sweeper kit including: Mahoney 11:1 new tapered mainsheet, Landenberger Sail in good racing shape, new carbon Exploder Decksweeper boom. $2000

Other for sale: Brand new Sailtech 550 head w/battens never used $1400

Axel ph: 9 5 4 - two nine five - 750 seven /   axlbuy  AT gmail com


bobh "at" tecengr "dot" com

2019 AD3 Platform consisting of boat, rear chocks, beach wheels, and Coconut Grove Canvas and Sails yard cover. Boat setup with Z-27 daggerboards and includes a set of Z-22 daggerboards as backup spares. Rudders set up with Bruce Mahoney rake system that allows rudder rake and rudder differential adjustment underway (bullet proof system). Included are spare rake arms. Modifications to the boat also include support channels glued on hull underneath the solid trampoline to prevent trampoline chafe.

This boat has an excellent race record that includes:

2nd 2019 Key Largo Midwinters

2nd 2019 St. Pete NOOD

3rd 2019 Admiral's Cup

5th Foiler and Overall 2019 North Americans

2nd 2020 St. Pete NOOD

2nd 2021 St. Pete NOOD

Boat is in excellent condition and I will deliver within 500 miles of New Orleans.


NEW DNA F1 C boards - $3000

Turn your DNA F1 into a Classic, painted white and only used a handful of times.  Includes covers.  Pics upon request wjvining "at" yahoo  

Exploder C board Trunks - $400  wjvining "at" yahoo

AD3 Yard cover - Brewin - new $800 - wjvining "at" yahoo

Hall C boards - $1600 - new, painted, faired. 



For sale - Richard Stevens (richard.l.stevens "at" gmail "dot" com)

North Sail; used less than 20 times, in perfect condition: $1000

Brewin Decksweeper - $1250  Mike Christensen  678 - four 0 nine - nine seven three three

Newish Brewin Decksweeper, fiberfoam battens.   Black Dimension material. 

2021 Hall C boards w/Kinder covers - $1600

New C boards built by Ben Hall 2021 only used twice comes with brand new KI covers asking $1600 (20% off new).

seth.herzon AT yale.edu


2018 Exploder $17000 

New Tramp in early 2020
Newest T rudders and cassettes
Updated Rudder average and differential
Control lines run down both sides of the hulls and are continuous with take-ups.
All new Dyneema rigging 2020
2019 FF medium
2018 North Ashby Main
2 sets of foils - first is all latest and greatest - practice set is one generation back.
Great condition hull, everything works, and ready to race.
Covers for everything, dolly, and pads
Located in Saint Petersburg FL
Photos on request

wfelder411 AT gmail.com

Glaser Tecnora Sail

Glaser Tecnora foiling Sail/Fiberfoam battens. New for the Houston Worlds.

Asking $2,250.00

Contact: lars "AT" guckinc.com

Heavily Modified Flying Nacra A3

2006 original A3 - modified all thru up to the latest flying configuration (main beam moved, board case moved) with custom "Z" style boards (of my design). Awlgrip paint. Aero Glaser tramp. belt drive adjustable Board rake. Adjustable rudder rake AND differential on the fly. Comes with 2 rigs (fiberfoam medium, 3 decksweepers (Ashby 2F, Glaser 2021.. and others!). Big wheel dolly. Great starter boat for flying class, or could be converted back to classic config with 3D printer board case inserts. Available in Texas after the worlds, or in RI after.

Asking $10,000.00

Contact: Andrewgaynor1 AT gmail.com

Exploder Foiling Rudders with Winglets Mounted

Exploder foiling casette rudders

Asking $1,000.00


Contact: lars "AT" guckinc.com

2021 eXploder AD3 foiler, complete, $34,000

This is a 2021 eXploder AD3 foiler complete with standard Fiberfoam medium mast and Brewin sail, all in like new condition. The boat was first launched in 2022 and has been sailed a total of 12 days. Rudders painted white in Durepox. 
Complete rigging fitout (over 50 hours of work) including indicators for boards, rudders and differential and 12:1 ceramic mainsheet system. Package includes boat, mast, sail, beach wheel, hull chocks and yard cover. Trailer not included, will deliver within 500 miles.

Contact: samc99us "AT" gmail.com

2022 Glaser DS Mainsail, $2750.00

This is a 2022 Glaser decksweeper foiler main, cut for a standard Fiberfoam medium mast and 185lb sailor. It has been used 2 light air days and includes standard and heavy air battens. 

Contact: samc99us "AT" gmail.com