About the A-Class Catamaran


The A-Class Catamaran is the fastest single handed catamaran in production. The class is a development class with two divisions: foiling and classic.   In the US, the foilers and classics race on the same course and are scored by division.  Acats weight 75kg all up, and rely heavily on cutting edge materials such as carbon fiber.  This keeps the class on the edge of technology and performance. With the development of foils, A-Class catamarans are able to maintain and exceed speeds of 24 knots both upwind and downwind.  The classic's are still very fast, but are required to keep one hull in the water at all times, and use a constant curve C boards instead of Z foiling boards that the foilers use.  


About the US A-Class 


In the United States, there are over 150 active A-class members who race at local clubs across the country, and travel to national level competitions which attract 50+ competitors.  We have an active race circuit and typically have 6+ regatta's in our winter series in Florida.   The Acat is the most fun, and the highest level racing you can have for the money.  


Why Join?


Membership allows you to compete in regional, national, continental and international championships. Our North American's will be held at Lake Carlyle in Sept 2021.  Additionally your dues allow you to vote on any new rule changes, or class business at the world's level.  If you are a new member, or if you are purchasing a new boat, a sail number will be provided to you after your dues are paid.

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