Which A-Cat is Best (June, 2000)

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I am not sure that fretting over what boat to buy is the best way to think about it.  If you talked to the newly crown king of North America, regardless of the fact that he designed the Water Rat A-Cat, he would tell you it is the rig that is the most significant.  I do believe that there are subtle differences with each of the boats.  The A-Cat Class, which of course is an open design class, would argue that because of the quality of the workmanship that they are closer to one design than perhaps the beach boat manufacturers.  Everyone has their story.  I could go on and on. What is important is to jump in and get your feet wet.  As you probably know we have many Tornado sailors in our local fleet as well as nationally and world wide.  We are seeing more coming from the Tornado Fleet than beach cat fleets.  You did ask so I will try and fill you in on who

was using what equipment at the 2001 North American Championship.  Again probably which way they went, how much down haul or rotation they used, and their touch on the tiller were probably more important than what boat they were on.
There are differences in the boats here are a few that I see and have heard rumored.  It seems that the heavier Tornado guys like the Marstroms. They look to have a lot of buoyancy and are more complex boats.  They go really fast with heavy guys in light air what ever that is all about.  The Boyer is a great boat and a great deal.  The newest ones are canted.  The Boyers seem to be Industry Standard Equipment, tried and true.  The Water Rat is a awesome boat made to last.  It is expensive but if I were rich I would have one, I am not so I don’t.  The Water Rat, I feel, has a slight advantage in wind and chop or waves.  The Javelin is to new to comment much on.  It has a wave-piercing hull, it appears to have less free board. I have always heard that a Bim (Italian Boat), are great boats and could and have won World Championships but are not qoing to last like the other boats.  Their goal is to get an inexpensive boat out there so people can sail and then sell them again when the technology changes.  The two time World Champion finished fourth on the Javelin.  Of course he was up against great sailors and he was not using his own equipment that he had a feel for.  Even with that said it had to have been a good test for the boat.  The North Americans were held mostly in light winds and chop, although we did get some wind in the last race and we did have flat water the first day.
Editors Note. The Waterat A-Class Catamaran, designed by Pete Melvin, has an impressive record in the US, winning every North American championship from 1997 to 2001 in addition to the 1997 A-Cat World Championship held in Long Beach when Pete was also the skipper.

Sailor Boat Sail Mast
Pete Melvin Waterat ’97 Ullman Hall
Charlie Ogletree Boyer Mk IV 2001 Ullman Boyer
Goran Marstrom Marstrom   Marstrom
Edigio Babbi BIM Javelin ITA Ullman ?
Pease Glaser Waterat Ullman Hall
Skip Elliot Marstrom Elliot-Patterson Marstrom
Roger Jenkins Boyer Mk III 2001 Ullman Hall
Jay Glaser Boyer Mk IV Ullman Boyer
Jeremy Laundergan Waterat 1998 Ullman Hall
Doug Graf Marstrom ? Marstrom
Hall Stratton Boyer Mk IV Goodall Saarberg
David Collins Waterat Ullman Hall
Bill Erkelenes Boyer Mk III ? ?
Dan Delave Boyer Mk II Goodall AL
Chuck Simmons Boyer Mk IV Ullman Boyer

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