What a Worlds this is Shaping up to Be

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The USA has sent the largest contingent of competitors aside from the locals in NZ and their frenemies in Australia, in part though the generous support of US Sailing who helped sponsor the container and some very resourceful shipping container planning through an expert in logistics and budding A-Class competitor from Atlanta, Richard Stephens.

By now I’m sure many of you have seen the ETNZ video on their preparations for the event. They will be there in force and I am sure we will get reports of what they bring to the table.

The Dutch have also been doing a really nice job blogging about the event: http://a-catned.blogspot.nl (If you use Chrome it will offer to translate this site for you).

I want to make sure you have the survey results from the US on the proposed rule changes that we conducted this fall given the upcoming discussion at the Worlds. One shows all the comments but is harder to read. And the comments are really good and worthy of your consideration as you plan the year and think about each event.

I personally am somewhat conflicted as I like development but also want to have wholesome boats that remain quick to rig. That is why I’ve been intrigued by allowing unfettered development below the class nationals or higher championships for a year or two but maintaining our existing rules at nationals or higher championships. We have had some very good and thoughtful discussion with Landy and the Presidents around the world leading up to the event. Perhaps the trick will be to take some time to explore while continuing the great racing we have today.

Look for more updates from our team as everyone gets grounded and starts sailing. Go Team



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