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Dues are $40 per year. Membership allows you to compete in regional, national, continental and international championships. If you are a new member, or if you are purchasing a new boat, a sail number will be provided to you after your dues are paid.

Please mail checks to:

1883 Anjaco Road NW
Atlanta GA 30309
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US A-Class Catamaran Association Constitutation

1.0 Organization

     1.1 The United States A-Class Catamaran Association shall be known and referred to as “USACA.”

2.0 Object

     2.1 The USACA shall have sole authority for the conduct and management of all U.S. A-Class Catamaran Association events.

     2.2 The USACA shall promote expansion of the United States and International A-Class Catamaran classes of sailboat.

     2.3 The USACA will coordinate with the National Authority (U.S. Sailing); the International A-Class Catamaran Association; and the International Sailing Federation (I.S.A.F.).

3.0 Membership

     3.1 Regular Members shall be owners or interested parties who have properly paid annual dues to the USACA.

4.0 Annual Dues and Other Fees

     4.1 The USACA shall collect an annual fee from Regular Members.

5.0 Governance

     5.1 Executive Committee

          5.1.1 The USACA shall have the following officers: President, Secretary/Treasurer, Information Officer (Web Master), and Technical Officer.

          5.1.2 The Officers, collectively, will be responsible for the day-to-day management of USACA, including collection of dues, maintenance of accounts, initial registration, issuance of Sail Numbers, maintenance of the class registrar, and measurement of boats at required events.

          5.1.3 A minimum term of office is for one year, from North American Championships to the immediately following North American Championships.

          5.1.4 Officers shall be nominated and voted upon at the Annual Meeting held during the North American Championships.

          5.1.5 The Class Secretary/Treasurer shall maintain the registrar of class members and the accounts of the USACA.

          5.1.6 The Technical Officer shall nominate USACA measurers to the Executive Committee for approval at any time.

          5.1.7 The Technical Officer shall work with sailmakers, boatbuilders, and equipment manufacturers to maintain adherence to the International A-Class Catamaran rules.

     5.2 Annual Meetings

          5.2.1 The USACA Annual Meeting shall be held concurrently with the North American A-Class Catamaran Championships.

          5.2.2 Each USACA Member shall have one vote.

          5.2.3 There is no minimum attendance required for a quorum on a vote of any issue presented at the Annual Meeting.

          5.2.4 All relevant issues presented at the Annual Meeting shall be decided by a majority of the Regular Members in attendance, including those by written proxy or teleconference.

          5.2.5 Matters requiring a Vote at the Annual Meeting shall include (i) the election of the Executive Committee, and (ii) setting the venue of the following North American Championships (i.e., Annual Meeting).

          5.2.6 Matters, which may be considered at the Annual Meeting, include (i) any matters that effect the Class organization, Constitution, Rules Recommendations, or any other relevant issue(s) of the USACA.

     5.3 Special Meetings

          5.3.1 No Special Meetings are allowed.

     5.4 Responsibility of General Members

          5.4.1 It is the responsibility of the Skipper to certify that his or her boat is in conformity with the Rules of the International A-Class Catamaran Association at any sailing event.

          5.4.2 Yearly dues become due by January 1st of each calendar year, paid in full on receipt by the Secretary/Treasurer.