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  • Seahorse Magazine – A-cat Worlds 2008 (10/27/2016) - The linked PDF file is an article from Seahorse Magazine published January, 2008. This is a great article with interviews
  • First Ride on an A-Cat (10/27/2016) - And I do mean ride, these things are more fun than the roller coaster at the fair. Between crazy work
  • A Sordid Tale of Addiction (10/27/2016) - My name is lincoln rowley, and I am an A-cat addict. There I said it. The first step to recovery
  • A-Cats in the Mall (10/27/2016) - Quite often it is very difficult for a sailing club to grow in numbers due to the secluded locations which
  • A Class in Parry Sound (10/27/2016) - A-cat-tries-to-flyI designed and built two A cats this winter, one for me and one for my brother Todd, who as

Foiling Guides

  • Curved Boards on an XJ (10/27/2016) - Here is the first look at my XJ with newly installed curved boards, took a little time to install but
  • HullSpeed.US (10/27/2016) - http://www.hullspeed.us/ After years of use, A cats often get beat up and need a little attention. The hull bottoms get
  • Installing Curved Boards (10/27/2016) - John Lindahl has just added an article about installing curved boards in an A-Cat.  Check it out on his web-site: http://lindahlcompositedesign.weebly.com/install-curved-boards.html
  • Existing A-Cats and the Foiling Future (10/27/2016) - The A-Class is in the midst of a foil evolution, and most boat owners must be wondering how this affects
  • A-Class 2014 NA’s Gear Table (10/27/2016) - The PDF below is a table of the boats, equpment, and settings used by the top 10 finishers in this