A Class in Parry Sound

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a-cat-tries-to-flyA-cat-tries-to-flyI designed and built two A cats this winter, one for me and one for my brother Todd, who as just started sailing them after a long hiatus from Tornados. I took the best attributes of all the boats that I liked and blended them all together to get the first Woodscraft design. Building them in my backyard workshop in Georgetown Ontario, with a little help from my brother and friend Dan, It took us about 6 months part time to turn them both out. We built the hulls, curved boards, rudders, trunks, and tramps. Bought the beams, Glaser sails, and Fiberfoam masts. The plan was to have two identical boats to be able to tune and so far we are both learning a ton.

I have done 2 A cat regattas so far in the great lakes and made the top three in both. next weekend will be the biggest so far this season, so time will tell.

So far the new boats have far exceeded my expectations, and made all the effort worth while. I have pushed the boats pretty hard the boats have held up well.

This past couple of weekends, Todd and I have had the boats up at his cottage in Parry Sound Ontario. It is one of the best places to sail that I have ever been to. Warm, protected waters, windy every day and breath taking scenery. This past weekend we sailed the early afternoon in 18-20 kts for a couple hours, at which time we both needed a break from the none stop adrenalin rush.
So early in the evening, I headed out for round two. Todd decided to observe instead and our friends came along for the ride along with the GoPro. Attached is the video of the evenings ride. Right at the end of the night, doing between 18 and 19 kts trapping down wind, I started loosing my apparent wind, and jerked the boat a little to windward, and it tried to fly, only the last two feet of the lee hull stayed in the water. Quite a ride.

Looking forward to continued learning on these new boats.



Photos from the build

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